In order for my read receipt to be triggered the pixel has to be displayed to the user in his or her email client. In certain situations it may not be triggered and they are as follows:

1. A user may have their may not have HTML email enabled or the email client may block images.

2. When an HTML email is opened it renders from top to bottom. If the end-user opens the message on a mobile device or other email client and the page has not fully loaded triggering the pixel fire a read receipt may not be enerated. This may also happen when a user glances at a message, reads the content and does not wait for the images to load.

We use Zendesk's API to post the read receipt in a private comment. Zendesk's API only allows a private comment update to be created by the username of the admin. We expect to be able to find a workaround in a future revision. A short-term solution would be to create an additional admin with the username 'Admin' or 'System Message' and email us with the new username email and API Token.

When a customer contacts suport via email or a ticket is generated internally by an agent, the Notify Requester of Requested Received trigger is fired. If you wish to track open when the customer opens the email from the trigger simply add the pixel code to that trigger.

We currently only track the first email open for the primary ticket recipient. During testing we found that many recipients open their email or scroll through their inbox causing the pixel to fire multiple times which resulted in a lot of private comment updates.

We presently do not offer this functionality and are considering adding in the future. If you are interested in this feature, please drop us an email support@myreadreceipts.com with the subject header 'Feature Request'.

Once your agent logs into their Zendesk instance and opens the app, we automatically add their IP address to an exclusion list which means if we see a pixel fire from that IP address we ignore it.

We provide a link in your welcome email in case you have other team members who are cc'd frequently on emails and do NOT use Zendesk. For an example, if you have an account manager who does not provide customer service but is cc'd on customer requests, you would want this person or people in similar roles to click on the following link https://api.mailtrack.com/ipblacklist/app?oid=yoursubdomain where the subdomain is that of your Zendesk instance. i.e. https:://yoursubdomain.zendesk.com.

If you do not have the welcome email and do not understand how to determine your subdomain or create the link please email support@myreadreceipts.com and we will be happy to help!

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